DIY Glass Jar Halloween Luminaries


DIY Glass Jar Halloween Luminaries


I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a kitchen full of various sized glass jars that never get any use. Then the idea came to me: “Why not paint and decorate them for Halloween?”

Whether you use paint or decoupage, there are several ways to create unique Halloween glass jar lights. You can apply acrylic paint with a sea sponge, wait for your base coat to dry, and then either use paint, Sharpies, or paper to add your embellishments.

For instance, you can paint your jar orange and then add your jack-o-lantern face later. You can also use decoupage (equal parts of white glue and water) and tissue paper to cover your jars.

For a mummy luminary, cut out your eyes, nose, and mouth using black construction paper and tape it to your jar, then simply cover the jar in masking tape!


The jars shown above were made with:

  • large glass jars
  • party streamer paper from the $1 Store
  • black construction paper
  • Elmer’s Glue.

We covered the whole jar with glue, then placed strips of streamer paper in appropriate colors over the wet glue (overlapping the strips makes cool looking lines on the pumpkin)  Then we put glue in the area for the eyes, nose & mouths and stuck the construction paper pieces on.  Once it was all dry, we covered it with another coat of glue, added some colored string lights and had a really cool decoration for our front porch!!!


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